Salman Khan mobbed by anxious fans in Hyderabad

Salman Khan was recently in Hyderabad to walk the ramp for a brand of sunglasses. The ramp show began three hours late at a five star hotel when the actor made a later than usual entry. Salman tried to make up for his overtly late arrival by distributing free sunglasses to the crowds and tried to interact with the crowds. But the crowd went berserk on seeing their star and some even jumped up on to the stage to try and get near the actor.
Salman was in Hyderabad as a brand ambassador for a particular brand of sunglasses. However the star struck crowds gathered at the event which saw Salman walk the ramp got a bit out of hand when they tried to mob the actor on stage. Salman’s bother Sohail Khan tried to get the crowds to calm down and back off. But the crowds refused to be pacified. Former cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin who was also at the show tried to pacify his fellow Hyderabadis by appealing to them but to no avail. Finally Salman had to refrain from coming on stage and was quietly escorted out of the event.

In fact it was also a surprise that Azharuddin came to Salman’s rescue as he is the husband of Salman’s former flame Sangeeta Bijlani. However according to sources Salman and Azharuddin share a warm rapport with each other. Sources say “the two have been on friendly terms for quite some time now contrary to popular belief that they are not on talking terms due to Salman’s relationship with Sangeeta earlier, but there was no truth to it.” In fact owner of the optical brand, Saberi said “I took Azhar to meet Salman because they are both my family friends and they were both friendly with each other.” Salman and Azhar met up at the hotel along with Azhar’s two sons, the two greeted each other warmly and chatted for a while. Well the two sure seemed to have buried any kind of hatchet.