Salman Khan mistaken for Shahrukh Khan

Recently Salman Khan and girlfriend Katrina Kaif were in Austria shooting for Subhash Ghai’s film Yuvraj. While shooting for an outdoor shoot, some Europeans tourists saw Salman and began chanting Shahrukh Khan’s name. At first Sallu ignored the mistaken identity.
However several times at different places, people kept mistaking Salman for Shahrukh. Later even his girlfriend Katrina began teasing him about the mistaken identity. An irritated Sallu then told the bystanders who were chanting SRK’s name “I am Salman Khan not Shahrukh Khan.” He then laughed off the entire incident.

Abhishek Bachchan greets and hugs a junior artiste

Recently Abhishek Bachchan went over to the sets of ‘Alladin’ to catch up and meet up with good friend Ritesh Deshmukh. Abhi was having lunch with Ritesh on the sets, when he suddenly spotted a junior artiste whom he remembered from earlier times. The junior artiste who was standing at another end was surprised too when Abhi called out to him.

Everyone was surprised to see Abhi warmly greet the junior artiste with a hug. Abhi said “Hey you were my co-star in a film earlier. We’ve done a film together. How have you been?” The junior artiste too was quite taken aback by Abhi’s reaction. Abhi however didn’t make a big deal of the entire issue and after greeting the artiste, continued with his lunch. Abhi is indeed a nice example of a down to earth star with no airs.

Madhuri does not want to kiss on-screen

Madhuri Dixit is making her comeback in Yash Raj film ‘Aaja Nachle’ after a long hiatus and no doubt her fans are anxiously awaiting her return. There are high expectations from Madhuri. However recently during an interview when asked about the on going trend of kissing onscreen, Mads said “No, No, No. And that's a personal choice. I don't know, if it's an Indian thing or not. I won't be comfortable you know. No, I don’t have anything against it. Its ok, you know. But not''

One of Madhuri Dixit’s biggest fans, renowned painter M.F Hussain too is extremely excited that Madhuri will be making her comeback in Aaja Nachle. Hussain has even gone as far as booking an entire theatre of 192 seats at a theatre in the UAE for select guests. In addition to this M.F Hussain will also autograph the tickets along with a sketch of Madhuri on it. There will also be an exhibition of his paintings of Madhuri at the theatre. Well, this fan is definitely rooting for Madhuri, whether her film succeeds at the box-office or not.

Katrina Kaif and Mallika Sherawat’s cat fight

Two actresses in one film rarely get along and recently the same was seen on the sets of Welcome with Katrina and Mallika. According to sources both the actresses could not get along with each other. At first Katrina tried to be friendly and used to greet Mallika along with the others on the sets. However when Mallika refused to acknowledge her greetings, even Katrina began to ignore her.

Sources also claim that Mallika would constantly try to ape Katrina’s clothes, hairstyle and make-up and this was really hilarious. Mallika has even passed nasty remarks about Katrina, poking fun of her British accent, and also claiming that Katrina got most of her roles because of Salman’s influence. So is that a bit of insecurity talking on Mallika’s behalf.

Dia Mirza ignores senior actor Jeetendra on reality show

Dia Mirza along with the rest of the cast of Dus Kahaniyaan visited the sets of Jhalak Dhiklaja reality dance show. The actors greeted all the contestants and judges on the show. Amongst the actors was Dia Mirza who greeted judges Shiamak Davar and Urmila Matondkar with a hug. However when the third judge senior actor Jeetendra stood up to hug Dia, she ignored him completely. Jeetendra was extremely embarrassed and hurt by Dia’s act.

However Dia Mirza on her part says “I would never intentionally do anything like this to someone as senior and respected as Jeetuji. I just did not see Jeetuji as he was standing behind Shiamak and Urmila. When I realized what I had done, I immediately called Jeetuji and apologized to him. He was perfectly fine. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody.”