Salman Khan kicks the butt

The government had banned smoking on-screen but off-screen actors are taking full pleasure of smoking and even get entangled into various controversies for smoking in public places. But Salman Khan has done a good work. He had discarded cigarette to get back his sexy image.

Salman Khan could realize that smoking is slowly taking a dig on his heath and for the sake of fitness, he has abandoned it. He admitted that bidding goodbye to cigarette was not an easy deed for him but had to take this strict action as he was loosing his physical charm.

Grapevine buzzed that Sallu kicked the butt to get into gym and at the same time to get back his old sexy physique.

It may be recalled that Salman once listened to his friend Aamir Khan and reduced the intake of alcohol to fit into the character and physique of ‘Veer’.