Salman Khan is waiting for a message from God to settle down

Salman Khan may be surrounded with the various controversies that he often gets himself into,but there's another side to Salman that he keeps hidden. Salman rose to fame after he played the boy next door in 'Maine Pyar Kiya'. He has now completed seventeen years in bollywood but his fans still seem to adore him and even today his films are watched with eagerness, Salman credits all this to his fate.
Salman however never lets stardom get to his head and says "I'm just an actor and how dificult is acting. Whatever our emotions in real life-laughing,crying,loving-we just emote the same in front of the camera." Though Salman has not received any formal training in acting, he did attend Daisy Irani's acting school. Salman had a lot of fun and mischief with his other buddies Chunkey Pandey and Sajid Khan while attending the acting school. They fooled around alot and were never really serious but Sallu says "Thankfully we all did pretty well for ourselves." Salman is also not easily flattered by praise frm his co-stars who often call him a rockstar. But Salman says "Stars are here to promote a film and they'll obviously say pleasant things about their co-stars. But I think that 'ultimate rockstar' bit is thoda zyada." Salman however enjoyed playing a super star in his film Jaanemann and he says "In real life I don't get to play a super star, so I enjoy doing that on screen."

Salman himself admits that he gets conned easily by people because he is very trusting, he says "sometimes it's sad that the people you help try to con you. I've been conned once too many times and these things hurt me the most." Salman often portrays a tough exterior but is actually quite soft on the inside. He says "You could be the toughest guy at one level, yet you could have your weaknesses at the same time.If a man is tough at all times, then he's ruthless and heartless. Every man should have that one thing that moves him and makes him human." Well Salman has always believed in saying what he feels and goes on to do just that. Everyone is curious to know when Salman will get married and settle down in life. But Salman believes that everything including the time for him to get married is in God's hands and he says "There's a time for everything and whenever the message comes from 'up above',I'll take the plunge."