Salman Khan has scripted and will now star in Veer

Salman has been working on a film script for almost a year now and he has finally finished it. The film has been titled Veer, it has been scripted by Salman and he will also play the main lead in the film. It will be presented by Eros, produced by Vijay Galani and directed by Anil Sharma. Many producers and directors were eager to produce and direct this Salman scripted film.
Salman himself will play the main lead in the film and it will be an action packed big budget film with a budget of over Rs.75 crores. Of all the producers and directors who have been queuing up to sign this Salman scripted film, Sallu has chosen Anil Sharma who directed ‘Gaddar’ to direct his film. Since Salman has scripted the film and will also act in the film, his remuneration is said to be around Rs.25 cores. Salman will begin this film after completing ‘Yuvraj’ and ‘Wanted dead or Alive’. The music of the film will be composed by Salman’s current favourite duo Sajid-Wajid.

Currently none of the concerned parties are willing to confirm the news; Vijay Galani said “I will be able to speak about the film only next week.” And director Anil Sharma said “Talks are on, but I would not like to reveal anything further.” Salman has also earlier confirmed that he was writing a film script titled Veer. A source also claimed that since director Anil Sharma has worked with Amitabh in a film earlier, he was keen to rope him in this time too for a role in Veer. However Amitabh was not too keen and hence excused himself from the project.

Salman has always liked to do comedies, however his first script is an action packed film. Salman has received praise as an actor, he also dabbles in painting and has sold quite a few canvases for charity causes and now he has turned scriptwriter with Veer. It remains to be seen what kind of response Salman’s script gets and Sallu will also star in it, which will give it even more appeal. Salman’s fans are anxiously awaiting this one.