Salman Khan granted permission to go abroad for ‘Rockstars’

Salman Khan’s bail and subsequent release from jail witnessed a lot of fanfare and celebrations both in Jodhpur and in Mumbai. There were scores of fans who eagerly waited outside his residence to catch a glimpse of their hero. Salman too was overwhelmed by his fans support. Now the actor will be relieved and elated as he has been granted permission to travel abroad by the District and Sessions Court.
When Salman Khan arrived back in Bombay after spending three days and nights in a Jodhpur jail in connection with his poaching case, he was relieved and touched by the goodwill and support of his fans. Salman obliged his fan’s appeal, by coming out on to his terrace along with his family. Salman waved and thanked his fans profusely. He even took off his shirt and threw it to his fans as a memento for them. Some over enthused fans even climbed onto his first floor terrace flat and would not budge until hugged and kissed by the actor himself. Salman the normally aloof actor even readily obliged to this. Salman also gave several media bytes voluntarily to the media.

“It comes as a pleasant shock to me as even I never expected such a wide spread support from my fans. It is because of them that I am out of jail and a free man today. I thank all my fans and well-wishers who thronged in dozens to see me, support me and pray for me and my family’s well-being,” said Salman. On the unpleasant experience of spending three days and nights in jail, Salman states, “It’s not the kind of life that any normal person deserves. It’s bad to be confined in a jail and definitely not a pleasant experience at all. Though it was a short stay, it made me see so many things in a different light. I would urge everyone not to do anything unlawful that would result in being sent to jail.”

However, when Salman Khan was asked about his reaction to Viveik Oberoi’s visit to his mother in hospital, he merely side stepped the topic and only thanked people like Govinda, Sajid Nadiadwala and David Dhawan who were present right through his terrible ordeal. Salman Khan has issues that are more important at present to take care of, like spending a few peaceful days with his family and then completing his pending professional assignments.

The actor will now be able to travel for his ‘Rockstars’ concert on a world tour as he has been allowed to travel abroad between 17 April and 14 June. He was granted permission after his counsel gave an assurance that the actor would appear before the court prior to the expiry of the duration and even in between if required.

Things certainly seem to be looking up for the actor, at least until his next court hearing when the final judgement on his sentence will be announced. Let’s wait and watch what happens next.