Salman Khan gifts filmmaker Subhash Ghai a painting for his anniversary

It was a known fact that actor Salman Khan and filmmaker Subhash Ghai were not on talking terms till some time back due to some minor disagreements while working together earlier. However the normally unforgiving Sallu recently mended ways with Subhash Ghai and now he is even doing a film titled Yuvraj that is being directed by Ghai.

Salman supposedly plays a chorus singer in this musical which is being shot in Austria and this is also the first time that Sallu has been paired opposite real life sweetheart Katrina Kaif. So audiences will have a double treat in store for them with filmmaker Subhash Ghai returning to direction after a long hiatus as well as the Sallu-Kat pairing in the film. Now that Salman and Subhash Ghai are friends once more, it was hardly a surprise to see Salman and Katrina attend a party recently for Subhash Ghai and his wife’s anniversary which also coincides with the anniversary of his Mukta Arts banner.

Sallu and Kats came together for the party and Sallu also brought along a special gift for Ghai. Salman gifted the filmmaker one of his famous paintings, a cityscape with religious symbols. No doubt Subhash Ghai was extremely touched by this gesture and says “It’s an extremely precious gift. Like all of his paintings even this one has a string social message. The painting reflects secularism and peaceful co-existence.” However a source at the party claimed “Salman didn’t want Ghai to unveil the painting at the party as he is extremely shy and doesn’t like showing off his work to people.” Well this was indeed a thoughtful gesture by Salman. He has also made quite a few other sketches during his free time on his recent Austria shooting schedule for the film Yuvraj.