Salman Khan gets relief from blackbuck case

Salman Khan gets partial relief from 1998's notorious blackbuck hunting case. The Supreme Court has exempted the actor from appearing at the court. The star will not face trail on charges of rioting under the Wildlife Protection Act.

Justice P. Sathasivam heading the apex court refused the Rajasthan Government appeal that Salman Khan and four others (Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabu and Sonali Bendre) accused in the case should also be tried for uprising under the provisions of the IPC.

“The charge under the Wildlife Protection Act has been retained against all the five accused. The Sessions judge discharged them of charge under sections 146 (rioting) and 147 (punishment for rioting) (under the IPC) and the Revision court (HC) also upheld it,” said the Supreme Court bench including justices P Sathasivam, J S Khehar and Vikramajit Sen.

However, due to the court hearing Salman had to postpone his health check up schedule in the U.S. The superstar might be got eased with the Supreme Court’s latest decision.

Says a source to the Khan family, “Salman underwent a surgery in 2011, in the U.S. to treat trigeminal neuralgia. He was asked to return for a medical check-up in January. He was very keen to get his medical check-up out of the way at the earliest. But now, a court hearing date has come up. So he has decided to postpone the visit for some time. His pain has subsided almost completely, but his family still wants him to go for the check-up.”

Salman Khan confirmed, “Yes, the trip has been postponed for now. I have got my court hearings coming up, so I have to go to Jodhpur. It (the US trip) would be hurried. That’s why I had to push it back till after the court cases. I will make the trip before Sohail’s film starts around February.”

The Bollywood star was recently also exempted from appearing in the Mumbai Court for the hearing of the 2002 hit and run case.