Salman Khan does not like girls calling him 'Bhai'

Salman Khan is definitely one of the most popular leading men of Bollywood and everyone knows that his pet name is Sallu bhai.However, if you are planning on visiting the actor and do manage that feat, you can forget calling him bhai, especially if you are a young lady.

A fact that is not widely known is that Salman does not like to be called bhai by complete strangers. “Salman Khan did not take too kindly to be called Salman Bhai by a popular RJ during a radio interview back in 2009. Salman is said to have coldly directed the RJ to call him Salman Khan saying “Call me Salman Khan”’. It was only after the RJ explained that he regarded Salman as an elder brother that the actor mellowed a little.

Salman has openly said that he does not like this nickname and is left speechless when complete strangers confer brotherhood on him. “I have four sisters and two of them are rakhi sisters. They are enough for me. I cannot handle people calling me `bhai`," said the actor. “In fact I don`t know how to react when a girl calls me `bhai`,” he said.

This was not the first time that Salman has expressed his displeasure with the term Bhai. He was hosting the popular TV show Bigg Boss 4 when Shweta Tiwari – the television actress called him bhai. Salman jokingly corrected, “I am okay with Dolly Bindra referring to me as bhai, but I don`t want Shweta to call me Salman bhai.”

Recently, the actor again echoed his own previous remark at a charity event. His NGO, Being Human has collaborated with the Little Hearts campaign organized by the Fortis group to seek treatment and care for children who are suffering from congenital heart disease. Passionate in his cause, Salman said, “Everybody does charity, but not everybody likes to talk about it. Some may do it for personal benefits, to stay in the limelight or others might do it genuinely. According to me, you may do charity for any reason, but do it anyways, no matter what the intention is.” However, he acknowledged that his efforts fall far short of what is necessary.  42 children have been treated under the program and 8 of them are receiving hospital care.

So, if you are meeting Sallu bhai, don’t call him bhai.