Salman Khan denies being involved in another hit and run accident

Salman is known to be the bad boy of bollywood mainly due to the number of times that he has got himself into trouble with the law. The many black buck cases against him as well as the one hit and run accident case in Mumbai are just a few of them. However just yesterday there was news that Salman has been involved in another hit and run accident case in Mumbai. However Salman firmly denies being involved in the accident and said that instead he was only trying to help out in the situation.
According to reports, Canadian model Broke Steven Clarke called up Salman for help as she along with her boyfriend Jai were involved in an accident at Worli. They had apparently hit two constables from the police force while driving their car. Salman had known the Canadian model after she had stayed as a guest in his home two years ago and Sallu apparently played good Samaritan and reached the spot to offer them some help as Broke had claimed that they were being roughed up by the public. Salman said “I was driving back from town after pack up when I saw a huge crowd gathered at Worli junction. I asked around and found out that there had been an accident. I got out to see if anybody needed help. That was all.” However when Salman got out to check the matter, the crowds got over excited and began clicking his pictures. Salman was not too happy with this and asked them to stop, but found that it was futile and hence after making sure that Broke and her gang were fine, he left.

However yesterday, a constable who arrived at the spot, Constable Rajendra Pathare claimed he had stopped Salman from escaping after the accident. But now Joint Commissioner of Police (law and order) K L Prasad said actor Salman Khan was not travelling in the car, but added that he would conduct a fresh inquiry into the incident. He said he would question the constable again about the events after the accident. Police records too show a case registered against Broke Clarke for the accident, it also shows that she was not under the influence of alcohol at the time. The Canadian model has however been let off on bail.

Actor Jackie Shroff who was also at the accident spot claimed defended Salman and said “Salman came to the rescue of the youngsters. He was neither in the car nor driving. Salman received a call from these youngsters and as he was some distance away on the same route, he opted to help them. As Salman is a helping soul, he rushed to the spot and got hold of the situation and took the couple out of the car. There was a mob that had turned furious but Salman managed to calm the situation. As an alert citizen, he also co-ordinated with the cops.” Actor Jackie Shroff claimed that he too was travelling on the same route when he got to know of the incident and he too tried to help out the youngsters by following them to Worli police station.