Salman Khan breaks up with lulia Vantur

The latest grapevine doing all the rounds is that Salman Khan broke-up with alleged girlfriend lulia Vantur. Off late, Salman Khan has found true love in lulia but unfortunately it ended like any of his past affairs. Though the exact reason of their break-up is not known, Salman Khan’s parents are not so impressed with this Romanian beauty. lulia was not the choice of both Salim Khan and Salma Khan.

Salman accepted his parents's words and said to have break up with his new found love. Recently, a picture of the duo in a family dinner at a restaurant was posted on site and it seemed that things were very serious between them and it has reached to a higher level than just romance. Another picture circulated on net where Salman in a bare body with a short was spotted with his ladylove during Hyderabad shoot of ‘Mental.

There was also buzz about Salman Khan and lulia Vantur contemplating marriage. Again it was reported that lulia is already married. A message on the social networking site throws signals that lulia is already married to a musician.

Reports say Iulia is already married! “Iulia apparently is married to a Grammy nominated musician Marius Moga. When she was confronted about it, she kept denying the allegations. That was when Salman’s family decided to step in and take charge of the situation,” a source is quoted as saying by a tabloid.

Married status of lulia is said to be the prime reason as why Salman Khan’s parents are against this relationship. Otherwise, they always supported their son’s choice and never objected to his choice in the past. Whoever, the actor brought before them they welcomed with open arms. His family always wanted to see him settle down in life. Whereas, the superstar always respects his parents decision.

During this Eid, Salman Khan looked very silent and did not host any Eid bash unlike previous years. When he stepped into his car from his Galaxy apartment, he just waved to his fans and passed off. He looked disturbed.