Salman, Katrina headed for separation

Again the gossip column is filled up with Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s splitting news. Grapevine is abuzz that Salman Khan’s over possessive nature has widened the gap between the two. He is said to be the root of their separation. Sallu is stubborn and overprotective and he does not want Kat to question him regarding any matter. He wanted to lead life according to his own wish. Moreover, Salman wants a housewife who only manages his house and does not like an independent woman like Katrina who is ambitious.

Their bitter relationship came into forefront when both did not talk with each other on the set of Veer. Their long period of silence has given birth of their differences. They were on the same venue but hardly spoke with each other and maintained a professional relationship.They remained far away from one throughout while shooting in Jodhpur. 

It was easy on Salman’s part to call off his relationship but problem lies with Katrina Kaif who in five years of long commitments with Sallu not only fallen for him but also became very friendly and homely with Salman’s parents.

Hope, it is just another rumor that dies off with passing time.