Salman, John patch up and get ready for another ‘Rockstars’ concert

The last ‘Rockstars’ concert in the UK and USA was dogged by controversies right from its very inception. During the show the main attraction of the concert, Salman had several tiffs with Shahid Kapur and even with John Abraham. John too was accused of being high handed and putting up a starry attitude with the organizers of the show as well as his co-actors.
Salman and John’s tiff took an ugly turn and even after they returned from the concert, Salman refused to work with John for his films Babul and Salaam-E-Ishq. However the two stars Salman and John now seem to have moved on and will soon be seen performing together for another concert.

Salman Khan, John Abraham, Zayed Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur will be performing another ‘Rockstars’ concert in Oslo, Bolton and Glasgow. These stars will also be joined by Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif who will perform ‘Just Chill with Rockstars’ in Bolton and Glasgow. Unfortunately Esha Deol who was part of the earlier ‘Rockstars’ team will not be able to join the team this time as she is busy shooting for her film. The show will be organized by the Moranis, Sohail Khan Entertainment and GS Entertainment from India.

UK promoter Farhath Hussain says “Everyone was shocked that I was taking up the ‘Rockstars’ concert again especially as it had not done well the last time. But there is a great demand for these shows. As for the last concert not doing well there were several reasons like the shows were mainly being held during examinations and during the Football World Cup, also the ticket prices were quite steep. But mark my words; these shows will create history this time.” Farhath claims that most of the stars on the last show had urged him to organize more of such shows and they were all keenly interested in being a part of the show this time too. Farhath claims that small issues and bickering keeps happening on shows but that it was pretty normal as there were several stars involved.

Farhath also claims “The UK shows in Glasgow and Bolton will be completely different as they will include Priyanka and Katrina in a different package. It’s called ‘Just Chill with Rockstars.” Hopefully this time ‘Rockstars’ concert will do much better and hopefully our stars will be better behaved this time round. However there’s been no mention of Mallika Sherawat joining the team this time round and we’re sure Bipasha is definitely heaving a sigh of relief at this.