Salman is the big hero of small screen

Salman Khan aka Sallu Bhai is having a great run at the Bollywood box office. His back to back hits, ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ have already established him as the undisputed number one of the silver screen. It seems the actor has successfully brought his charm to the small screen as well. He is hosting the sixth season of the popular reality show ‘Big Boss’. Earlier he had charged about Rs. 3 crore for each episode but this season it is a whooping Rs. 4 crore for each episode. This is much higher than what Amir Khan charged for each episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

However, the producers of ‘Big Boss’ are not complaining, they are pleased as punch, as the star value of Salman Khan is pushing the TRP of the program through the roof. It seems the viewers love Salman and his antics, and can never have enough of him. This is the third consecutive time that the star is hosting the show and he has as always successfully retained the audience base for the program.

The reality show ‘Big Boss’ selects contestants from different walks of life (and a bit well known faces) and puts them together in a confined house. The day to day activities and the interactions of the contestants with each other are shown. The show gives the contestants an opportunity to showcase their personalities and to let the world learn about them. It seems, particularly Salman Khan also likes the concept of the show.  

An insider from the show quoted as “Salman relates to ‘Big Boss’ because of the concept and its appeal. He appreciates the fact that the show allows people who are usually misunderstood to prove themselves in the house. The public too loves watching his real side and he gets a chance to meet people from all walks of life. The fact that he insisted that the show become family-oriented and be aired at 9 pm, shows his involvement and interest in it.”

Kudos to Salman, for his wonderful charisma and success on the small screen.  We sure hope that the season six of the reality show becomes as big a hit as its predecessors. Well, the current set of fire brand contestants in the sixth edition is sure to keep the fireworks burning on the show and the audience glued to their seats.