Salman ignores Katrina

While the entire world is raving Katrina Kaif’s performance in ‘New York’, she is finding hard to convince her boyfriend Salman Khan to watch the film. It is not only ‘New York’ but Salman Khan ignores every film of Kat and has watched none of her films till date.

Says a close friend of Katrina, “It really really puzzles and hurts her as to why Salman chooses to ignore all her films. It isn’t as if he doesn’t watch any films. He does. But when it comes to Katrina he suffers from a mental blockade.”

The over-possessive boyfriend doesn’t like the idea of watching Katrina coming close to any of her co-stars. In fact, he objects even if Katrina wears slightest of revealing clothes.

But Katrina is the opposite; she makes sure that she does not miss any of Salman’s film.

Katrina is trying her level best to convince Salman to watch 'New York' but cannot as Salman Khan cannot stand John Abraham at all. Salman's disliking for John has made Katrina’s work more difficult.