Salman, Hrithik patch up

When Hrithik Roshan arrived at Sohail Khan’s pre-birthday party, his new rival Salman Khan who recently spoke bad about his film ‘Guzaarish’ and Sanjay Leela Bhansali was also there. Everyone expected some fireworks but nothing of that sort happened. When Hrithik spotted Salman, both of them exchanged pleasantries.

Says a source close to Hrithik, "He reacted emotionally, then felt bad later. In retrospect, he felt that he should've called Khan personally and told him that he'd been hurt by his statements, instead of expressing it in print."

Not only Hrithik but his father Rakesh Roshan also spoke with Salman’s father Salim Khan and things were quite normal and pleasant between them.  When Duggu informs that he was hurt by his comment and reacted immediately, Salman said, 'It's ok, bro."

A source present at the party said: "Duggu and Salman met each other cordially. Though they didn't exchange anything more than a hello, it was like nothing was wrong between them. The vibes were comfortable, not hostile. While Duggu was seen socialising with his friends, Salman stuck to his group and his bodyguard Sheru in a corner."

Hrithik confirms, "Salman and I had a talk and now, we are cool. My dad also spoke to Salim uncle. So it's all good. At the end of it all, I am glad about what happened because our bond has become stronger."

 Well, it’s good to see that the year is ending on a positive note.