Salman had confidence in me, Katrina

Bollywood sensation Katrina Kaif admits without hesitation that Salman is behind her success and helped her in every possible way to make her mark. He always backed her in all the decisions she made and even for her role in the much-awaited ‘Raajneeti’, where she plays a very powerful character.  

"Apart from guiding me, Salman had confidence in me. He is not the person to say that because he is friendly with you. He will say it genuinely.” Katrina said
Katrina also added that her foray into the Indian film industry was destined, however, she acknowledged the support of all those who were responsible for the success that she achieved in Bollywood so far.
"There are too many people whom I can call my godfather. I am grateful and indebted to them. Even Akshay Kumar took a risk in working with me initially," Katrina added.  
"He did not know me at all. He was at crossroads of his career. When he did `Namastey London`, people thought he had gone insane. Nobody is going to damage or destroy himself to help somebody else. Salman and Akshay believed in me and that is my good fortune and destiny," Katrina praised Salman and Akshay.
"Had those films failed, nobody could have done anything for me. I don`t think I would have got a second chance if the movies bombed," Katrina added further.

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