Salman gives 1 lakh to a needy woman

There are ample numbers of stories about Salman Khan’s generosity. He never steps back whenever he finds anyone in distress. Recently, during the promotional shoot for ‘Veer’, Salman Khan donated Rs 1 lakh to a needy woman when she narrated him the story of her agony. Salman not only landed money to the woman but also devoted his precious time for her. He listened to her for an hour and later signed a cheque of 1 lakh.

Reveals a unit member, "Recently, a woman in a wheelchair waited outside Salman's vanity van while he was doing the promotions for Veer at Mehboob studios. She refused to budge till she met Salman. He was taking time as he had just cut his hair and had to wear hair extensions for the promotions. We tried to keep the lady away but the next thing we knew, he came out of his van he went over to her to sit with her. That way, Salman is unpredictable. He kept everything he was doing on hold to spend time with her."

The woman knows that Salman Khan possesses a heart of gold and went to speak out about her pain. But Salman did not ignore her and patiently listened to her.

Producer Vijay Galani says, "I was there when this happened. The lady refused to leave till she met Salman and waited outside his van patiently for hours. She was in a wheelchair and we didn't want to be rude to her. She waited till Salman was done. When he heard what happened he immediately went over to talk to her. He was not just kind but also lent her a patient ear. He also gave her money when he heard she was in dire straits."