Salman gets slaps from his mom

He might be the bad boy of Bollywood but at home Salman Khan is a mama’s boy. He may does many actions in real or reel but at home, he is calm and polite and the reason being his mother Salma Khan whom Salman not only loves but fears too. Salman reveals that he still gets a tight slap from his mom whenever he does anything wrong. Salman divulged the secret of slapping on Farah Khan’s upcoming show, ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’.

When Farah remarked that those slaps are just a joke, Salman instantly responded that no those slaps are so tight that he sometimes wonder where they come from. Sallu gets slap from his mother still today inspite of reminding her that he is grown up now and she shouldn’t beat him. 

Salman’s mom Salma revealed that as a boy Salman was very naughty but his father Salim Khan holds a different opinion. He feels that his wife is responsible behind Salman’s spoiled nature. According to him, Salma’s ardent love and affection has ruined their son. But still he is maa ka ladla and his mother loves him a lot and even wakes for Sallu and stands near the window if he returns home late. Salma joked that they do not need watchman as she does the duty of a night guard.

All this and many more interesting facets of mother and the son will be divulged on Farah Khan’s upcoming show, ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’.