Salman entertains Rani, ignores Lara

As Salman’s Dus Ka Dum is wrapping up, TV buffs will get to witness an interesting episode of Rani, Lara and Rakhi. Apart from the normal question and answer session, the studio echoed with laughter and enjoyment. Sallu who is known to be quite funny along his celebrity guest will be seen cracking jokes. He mingles quite well with all the contestants except Lara Dutta. While he chatted and played pranks with Rani in spite of bringing up the issue of Salman-SRK spat, Salman chose to give a cold shoulder to Lara.

While Salman mingled and giggled with Rani and Rakhi and even entertained them with his spotty one-liners, he preferred to ignore Lara and left the audience to wonder what’s wrong with the actors. A news daily even quoted a source as saying; "It was evident that Salman was more comfortable talking to Rani than Lara. Even his jokes and his one-liners were directed towards her. Lara looked like she was out of place."

When we excavated the issue, we came to know that they were not on talking terms as Kareena replaced Lara in Sohail's home production Main Aur Mrs Khanna and above all Lara is a great buddy of Shahrukh’s gang.