Salman cancelled shooting due to Swine flu

The shooting of Salman Khan starrer ‘Veer’ cancelled due to the widespread of swine flu in Pune. Last week, Karan Johar's Kurbaan too was postponed because of the increasing cases of flu in the city.

Says a source, "It was a three-night shoot which required almost the entire star cast consisting of Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zarine Khan, Jackie Shroff and Puru Rajkumar."

Producer Vijay Galani consulted with Salman Khan and decided to call off the shoot. Galani confirms, "Yes, we decided to cancel the Pune schedule because of the swine flu. We have been reading about it but we were going ahead with our shoot. We were to leave yesterday afternoon for Pune and shoot for five nights till August 15 at a college campus. We had booked two options the Pune Engineering College and the Agricultural College campus but yesterday morning we took a call not to go there. My crew had been telling me for the last few days to cancel the shoot. Salman said it's up to me. So for the safety of my cast, crew, and technicians, I have cancelled the shoot."

Galani will look for a similar location in Mumbai so that the shooting schedule may not be pushed back.

Director Anil Sharma says, "We decided it is better not to go as our was a big unit and it would attract huge crowds. The Pune administration is busy with the swine flu and it would be unfair for them to look after us too.

We didn't want to take an unnecessary risk and have our unit exposed to swine flu. Salman also wanted it to be cancelled as he said this is the right decision."