Salman and Katrina being harassed with lewd calls

Recently a diehard fan attempted to meet his idol,Salman Khan personally.The 25 year old youth and his friends tried to barge into Salman's building and meet the actor.The lad Ajay Giri was also a bit drunk and hence got into a scuffle when he was stopped by the building security personnel.Ajay threw a huge tantrum on not being allowed to visit the actor and in the ensuing scuffle Salman's postbox was ruined.However the lad got lucky when he found several of Salman's cell phone bills fall from the broken postbox. Since then the youth has been harassing Salman with constant calls on his cell,but when Salman refused to pick up the unknown number,he switched to calling and smsing Salman's girl Katrina Kaif. The youth often used abusive language when he spoke or messaged Katrina.
When Ajay refused to stop his lewd calls and messages to Katrina,the actress propmtly informed her beau Salman.An upset Salman tried to set the lad straight when he called up but to no avail and hence he decided to register a non-cognizable offense with the police.Zonal DCP Vinaykumar Choubey confirmed this saying "Katrina received a call on her cellphone and Khan answered it.The person on the line used abusive language following which an argument ensed between the two.The caller also issued threats to Katrina and hence the two stars approached us with a written application.An NC has been lodged."

The youth,Ajay who has been harassing Salman and Katrina already has a criminal record of theft and has also been known to often get girl's phone numbers and message them lewd text.After the complaint lodged by Salman, the lad has been detained by the police.Well knowing Salman's temper,it is indeed a surprise that he didn't hunt down the guy and give him a taste of his infamous blows.