Salman and Govinda may play Tom and Jerry in Partner sequel

Partner has released and had an almost 100 percent opening on the week-end. The comedy film starring the partnership of Salman and Govinda was widely appreciated by audiences and even the critical appreciation was average for the film. However it seems David Dhawan was already confident that his film Partner with Salman and Govinda would do well and hence the director has already planned a sequel to Partner. The sequel will be produced by Sohail Khan and directed by David Dhawan and will star Salman and Govinda who will don roles akin to Tom and Jerry cartoon characters.
Salman Khan too is very happy with the film’s response and claims that in all likelihood they will have a sequel; he said “Partner will surely have a sequel. It’s called Tom and Jerry and it’s based on the Tom and Jerry cartoon series.” The film will focus on the love-hate relationship of guru Prem (Salman) and his chela Bhaskar (protégée Govinda). Sources claim that David Dhawan is currently working on the script of the sequel of Partner and the shooting may start later this year. Dhawan is so impressed with the Salman-Govinda jodi that he wants to make at least one film with the two stars together every year. The Salman-Govinda chemistry on-screen seems to be working its magic and off-screen too the duo is considered to be good buddies and often go out for coffee et al.

However the director does not want to give away the story of the film right from the start and hence he is not willing to say too much about the sequel except that it will definitely have his hit jodi-Salman and Govinda. As for the girls Lara and Katrina who were seen in Partner, nothing has yet been finalized, so they may or may not be seen in the sequel.