Sallu, Kat’s five yrs old relationship ended

Salman Khan’s personal life has been under scanner ever since he broke up with Aishwarya and linked up with Katrina. He has always been in news for his on and off relationship with Katrina. Ever since he linked up with Katrina, Salman did not rest in peace. Sometime Kat’s relationship with Akshay haunted him and sometime Ranbir-Katrina’s on-screen chemistry tortured Salman. Now Sallu has found a solution to all his problems, he has finally called off his relationship with Kat which was never going steady.

This time there seems no any room for patch-up. Salman has thrown Kat not only from his heart but also from his house. All belongings of Kat which was in Sallu’s apartment have shown the exit down as he does not want to move forward with any of Kat’s memory.

Salman is a possessive boyfriend and very often he gets into Kat's nerve which she dislikes. He wanted to tie the knot with his love but Kat is least interested to get into matrimonial bonding at this stage when her career is going great guns. After repeated proposal, when Kat refused, he drifted apart from her as he sincerely wants to start his family and settle down in life which is not possible on Kat's part.