Salim Khan slams haters for calling Salman ‘grandfather’

Salim Khan, the veteran scriptwriter and father of superstar Salman Khan lashes out at haters on social media for calling his superstar son ‘grandfather’.

Salim Khan has expressed his displeasure for making such nasty comments on his son. Salim, who time and again stood for his son at the time of crisis yet again favoured his son and slammed haters who allegedly called his superstar son Salman Khan old enough to be a grandfather.

He said people should watch ‘Sultan’ before making such derogatory comment.

An upset Salim said, "In a TV debate Salman was mentioned as old enough to be a grandfather over and over. I request them to watch #Sultan in a theatre."

#And wonder how could a man old enough to be a grandfather do this. People have strong temptation to hurt people .

# but to resist this temptation will make them human which is the greatest of all religions

This is not the first time Salim Khan jumped to the rescue of his 50 year-old son. Last time when Salman Khan was groped in a controversy for his ‘raped woman’ comment, Salim Khan apologized on behalf of his son.