Sajid is not interested in reviews of Housefull

Sajid has taken a peculiar mannat just before the release of Housefull. Sajid Khan next film would not be comedy. Sajid has decided he wouldn't read any of the reviews, good bad or indifferent.Not just that Sajid wouldn't allow any member of the Housefull cast to even read out passages of the reviews.  
"It isn't as if I've anything against critics. It's just a mannat I took during release. You see, I had actually satirized all the critics through a song I had composed naming them on stage at an awards function. There and then I decided I have no right to read reviews for my films." Sajid said.  
On Saturday morning when the favorable reviews appeared Sajid's team began calling him excitedly. Sajid simply wouldn't hear of it. When Akshay tried to read out passages, Sajid drowned his voice by screaming. "I believe the reviews are good. But I'm not reading them. I don't even want to know what's in them. My loss. It's between me and my conscience." Sajid added.