Saif wants to spend more time with Bebo

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at Manish Malhotra showUsually, Saif’s relationships with women are short-lived. But it is really surprising to see that his relationship with Bebo is not a brief one and has completed almost nine months. If we sideline their fighting and break up stories then we will find that their relationship is going great and moving towards its final destination. Currently, they are floating in the sea of love and Saif has expressed that he wanted to spend maximum time with his lady love.

Since, he does one film a year and Kareena five, he gets maximum time to move around with her. He gushes, “Look, she’s shooting in Australia and I had two months off. So obviously I’d go to visit her. Or if she’s doing an event in Andheri and I can join her, I will.” Chotte Nawab is least bother about the fact the gossip mills keep churning with their juicy stories. He further says, “I know people will talk about it. I don’t care. Every relationship goes through a period of consolidation. We’ve been together for nine months. We both know how much we mean to each other.”

He is not upset with the failure of Tashan, rather happy that Tashan has given him his love which he was longing for years. Undoubtedly, Saiffu’s personal and professional life is going great guns.