Saif feels Deepika sparkles sans makeup

There are many actresses in Bollywood who at least once had gone without make-up or going to appear de-glam in their films to look natural on-screen. If Priyanka Chopra has gone with minimal make-up in 'Kaminey' then Katrina Kaif will be seen sans make-up in ‘Rajniti’. Even Kareena Kapoor went without make-up in ‘Dev’. But Saif’s eyes caught around Deepika and he is quite impressed the way Deepika is looking without any artificial make-up in ‘Love Aaj Kal’. He is overjoyed to see his leading lady sparkling even in her natural look.

A close friend of the actress revealed, “Deepika suggested she wears no make-up in the film as she wanted her character to look as real as it can. She wanted to look natural on screen... She looks absolutely beautiful! Saif thought she ‘sparkled’ on camera!”

We guess, Saif’s sparkling comment may not spark fire in Kareena’s heart.

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