Saif’s parents are very fond of Kareena

Though Kareena Kapoor is yet to say ‘Kubul Hai’ to Saif Ali Khan, the Nawab family had already accepted Bebo as their bahu. Their approval made Saif to take Bebo to their ancestral house where every member of the Nawab family gathered. Chotte Nawab introduced his soul-mate to every member and everyone seemed to be very pleased with Saif’s choice.

When Sharmila was asked as how much favorite is Bebo to them, she has been quoted as saying, "Saif and Kareena are very much in love with each other and Saif has brought her to the Patuadis. He keeps on visiting his home with Kareena whenever he wants to slip away from his hectic life and can squeeze time out of their schedules. The last time they were home was a month back. Saif is very fond of Pataudis and the people he is fond of will have to like Patuadis too"

She further added, “"We are very fond of Kareena and in fact Mansoor is very fond of her. We all gel well when they are around but formally in terms of marriage plans, nothing has started as yet. We realise that Saif has gone through a divorce and Kareena too is out of a long relationship. She wants to give some more time to her film career. We love her but it is a little early to talk about marriage. When they are ready, they will tell us and we will pick it up from there."