Saif replaces Akshay in Joker

Saif Ali KhanFarah Khan's husband Shirish Kunder made his directorial debut with Jaanemann around two years back, however the film did not do too well at the box-office. After that Shirish had announced another ambitious project titled Joker. The film is a sci-fi futuristic film and earlier there were talks of Shahrukh starring and producing the film. But apparently that did not work out, then Akshay was approached to do the film and he liked the script and had agreed. But now Akki claims that he has no dates and hence turned down the film. Now sources claim Shirish has approached Saif Ali Khan who is keen to do the film. 

Shahrukh was earlier to produce and star in the film due to his close ties with Shirish's wife Farah Khan. However sources claim that Shahrukh and Shirish had creative differences about the film as SRK wanted Shirish to make some changes in the film. But when Shirish refused to make any changes, SRK decided not to do the film and opted out. Shirish then approached another production house and asked Akshay Kumar who starred in Jaanemann to do the film. Although at first Akki liked the script and was keen to do it, later he too turned down the film as he had no dates. Now sources claim Shirish had finally approached Saif Ali Khan to do the film. A source claims "Saif has heard the script and is very enthusiastic to do the film." After Akshay opted out of the film, Shirish was in a dilemma as two actors had walked out of his project. But now it seems that Saif has come to his rescue and agreed to do the film.  

Shirish's film Joker has been delayed quite a bit and now the director is busy with his pre production as he wants to start the film soon. Shirish said "I am in the midst of the pre-production for the film. I don’t want to reveal anything at this stage. There is a big company co-producing the film with me and we will make an announcement soon.”