Saif keeping top secrets from Kareena

Saif who is deeply in love with Kareena always surprises her with new holiday destinations. He always makes sure that after hectic schedule they take a short break and go out to spend some quality time with one another. The secret that Saif is keeping from Bebo is their next holiday destination. The reason behind not revealing the holiday destination to Kareena is security issue. Saif knows very well that if Bebo get to know the place, she would not be able to keep it within herself and would declare the world and hence it may cause great security problem for them.

Moreover Saif and Kareena has a huge fan following. If somehow their fans get a hint of their holiday destination, it would destroy their isolation and they would again have to devote time for their fans. Keeping all those issues in mind, Saif has decided not to reveal the holiday end to Bebo.

Now what troubling Bebo the most is the selection of wardrobe. She is in utmost confusion as what types of garments to carry with her, warm or summer wear. But smart Bebo has found a wise solution to her problem. She would purchase some new attire that’s too from Saif pocket in whichever place she will go.