Saif-Kareena soon to get married

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s marriage took place and broken up many times, not in reality but on the gossip table. If one moment the duo declares that marriage is soon to be held then the next moment they denied getting married so early. Now unsurprisingly another gossip is doing the rounds that the couple is soon going to get married and this time it has come straight from the mouth of the bridegroom Saif Ali Khan.

Chotte Nawab confessed that marriage is going to take place very soon. He said, "Oh yes, much sooner. In fact, people may be hearing an announcement from us very soon. If I had my way, I'd marry her today right here in London where she's joined me. In any case, aren't we supposed to have gone through a secret Muslim marriage?"

Kareena who keeps on saying that she is not yet ready for marriage at this high point of her career might have changed her decision and said yes to her Saiffu dear and why not getting married will not end her career as there are many actresses who are doing exceptionally well in career and family.