Saif-Kareena locked inside ladies restroom?

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at Saawariya premiereLove birds Saif-Kareena is moving round like an inseparable soul these days. They never missed the golden opportunity of spending quality time with each other. When they are not out of town for any shoot they manage to remain very closely connected. They were spotted together in various awkward circumstances as well. Now, news is spreading far and wide that that they were caught red-handed inside ladies restroom.

Recently, the news of the two being locked in a bathroom was all round the corner and now their ladies restroom incident is spreading like a wild fire. When Saif and Kareena were dinning at a famous hotel and Kareena went to the ladies rest room to freshen her up, Saif immediately followed her, went inside the room and locked the door from inside. When the hotel attendance banged the door they did not open it and just responded that they were busy.

Saif and Kareena’s love story started during the shooting of Tashan. She took very little time to separate from her long time boyfriend Shahid Kapoor and has formed a very intimate relationship with Saif Khan. Saif has gifted her with a Sapphire and now planning for a diamond Jhumka for his sweet heart.