Saif is very much like a child, wife Kareena

Kareena Kapoor during the launch of the new Tata tea brand, Tetley said that her husband and actor Saif Ai Khan is very much like a child and he enjoys every free stuff.

''Saif (Ali Khan) has a problem, he loves free stuffs. So when cartons of green tea came home, he was like a child, he was so excited to see them,'' said Kareena.

She further added, ''When I try to give away the free stuffs to my other family members, he would stop me and say don't do that. You know I love them''

Kareena Kapoor has been roped in as the brand ambassador of Tata Global Beverages Ltd. The owner of British tea brand Tetley Tea has re-launched its new flavour green tea which targets every small town markets. 

Kareena Kapoor rules the heart of every grade of people in India and the endorsers feel Kareena is the right choice for the product and she will help the Tetley tea to reach every household of India.

"We have relaunched the green tea in the domestic market. We want to take it to the tier II and III markets and for this we will have to reach out to public in a big way and so have appointed Kareena Kapoor to take our brand to interiors", Tata Global Beverages marketing vice president for India and South Asia Vikram Grover said here.

He said the company was investing considerably on marketing. "We have made significant investments for this. We will reach out to public through print, digital and TV", he said without disclosing investment details.

To reach out to the larger section of the society, the company has also launched a campaign.

Tetley Tea, is a very popular tea brand sold across 40 countries in the world and it comes in six flavours in its green tea portfolio including ginger, mint, lemon, honey & lemon, citrus & spice and aloe vera.

Currently, the domestic green tea market is Rs 100-150 crore and the company enjoys market share of 35-40 per cent.

"Of our total tea revenues, green tea currently has a very small share and is dominated by black tea. But we expect the green tea segment also to contribute significantly and this is a move towards it," Grover said.

Kareena Kapoor endorses brand like Lux, Anne French, Head and Shoulder and few more and now she has added one more feather in her hat.