Saif gifts Kareena a diamond on astrologer’s advice

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena KapoorSaif Ali Khan seems to be a staunch believer of astrology as he recently took the advice of his astrologer and gifted girlfriend of five months Kareena Kapoor, a diamond ring. Sources claim that Saif took the advice of his astrologer Suvashitraj who had advised him to make Kareena wear a diamond ring in order to bring happiness and stability to their relationship.  


Astrologer Suvashitraj says, “Saif first consulted me about Kareena when he had just started shooting for Tashan. He gave me details of her birth and only after having done Kareena's kundali, did I ask him to go ahead with the relationship.” He further adds, “I advised him to give her a ring embedded with a diamond and ruby, as I feel it will bring the desired stability and emotional happiness to the relationship.” Hence Saif took his advice and recently gifted Kareena a beautiful blue diamond ring. Kareena has been spotted flaunting the big rock on her finger gifted by beau Saif.


Saif and Kareena recently began dating around five months back. However he seems extremely committed and serious about making this relationship work. Saif is so serious about Kareena that he has even gone ahead and tattooed her entire name on his hand. Saif has also introduced Kareena to his kids and family. Kareena also spends time with Saif’s kids, Sara and Ibrahim. In fact Saif’s mom has already approved of her son’s relationship with Kareena. She is quite happy about their relationship. Astrologer Suvashitraj has also met Kareena. He believes that Saif is extremely serious about Kareena and intends to settle down with her.


Saif too has admitted that he has consulted astrologer Suvashitraj, Saif said “Yes, I have consulted him on many matters in the past but they are highly confidential. I am very uncomfortable talking about it.” There has been a constant buzz about Saif and Kareena tying the knot some time soon, but Kareena herself claims that marriage will have to wait as she is busy with her career right now. Meanwhile Saif and Kareena will be seen together in Yash Raj film Tashan. Kareena has lost oodles of weight and is looking extremely sexy in the film. Meanwhile Saif too is going to be seen bare body in the film and is keen to have the perfect six-pack abs. Saif and Kareena will soon be shooting an exciting song for the film and Saif is working out a lot to look good for it. Saif is no doubt keen to let audiences see his off-screen chemistry with Kareena translated on-screen.