Saif gifts Bebo Apple MacBook laptop

There is no end of exchanging gifts between Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. After gifting ample of jewelry items, Chotte Nawab has now shifted his choice to electronic gadgets. Recently, Saiffu dear gifted his sweetheart a 17-inch steel grey Apple MacBook Pro laptop. Now wherever Bebo goes, she carries the laptop with her and in her spare time, surf net and play online games. 

She says, "Till last year, I wasn't very net-savvy but today, I can't do without my MacBook Pro. It's all thanks to Saif who has taught me about the Internet and it's joys. When I was looking to upgrade my last laptop (a Lenovo also gifted by Saif last year), Saif bought me the MacBook from London. Now I do everything on my laptop — from checking out my email and photo-shoot pictures to my endorsements like I recently saw my Kurkure ad before it hit the screens."

Kareena finds her new laptop very handy and easy to use. Now she stores everything on her new laptop.