Saif gets mobbed while shooting for 'Bullet Raja'

It is a common sight where our celebrities of Bollywood get mobbed by fans. It has also been reported several times when the mob gets out of hand and behaves unruly. Saif Ali Khan has recently been signed for “Bullet Raja”. The film’s shoot has being going on in Hazratganz in Lucknow.

What recently took the cast and the crew on the sets of “Bullet Raja” by surprise was the fan frenzy. A crowd of fans suddenly landed on the sets of this film to get a glimpse of the Chotte Nawab.

The scene that was being shot needed Saif to drive between the lanes surrounding the vicinity. There were also cops stationed there to ensure the star his safety.

In the beginning of the shoot there were only a few people who were waving the star standing at the sidelines to whom Saif too waved back. However, as the word spread that Saif had been in the locality shooting, the crowd increased to hundreds who made their way through the police barricades to get to meet their star.

Reports suggest that one of them got hold of Saif Ali Khan’s arms and would not let it go. However, what is worth mentioning that the usually hot-headed star did not mind this and returned the favour to him by hugging him back and then letting himself free from the fan.

However, with time this situation became uncontrollable and there was a threat of his security. Saif Ali Khan and the director of this film Tigmanshu Dhulia had to be moved away from the crowd of fans to a place of safety and thus were taken to a restaurant nearby.

They remained inside unless more security was fetched. The cops took hours to get to the place and get the situation under their control and till then Tigmanshu Dhulia and Saif remained locked up.

What was astonishing in this whole situation was that Saif did not lose his temper who otherwise does not leave any opportunity to pick up a fight. Maybe the crowd that turned up was too overwhelming for him or it is the influence of his newly-wedded wife.

Also it has been reported that Begum Kareena Kapoor has flown to the shooting site to be by her husband Saif’s side. Thus now there are more chances of him being calmer and less irritable for the coming days at Lucknow.