Saif dismisses rumours of being thrown out of a New York Bar

Recently Saif Ali Khan seems to be at the receiving end of a lot of bad publicity. First it was reported that Saif had a huge fight with girlfriend Rosa , she then returned to Mumbai and decided to head back home to Italy. Then it was reported that Saif and Rani were giving each other a cold attitude on the sets of their film Tara Rum Pum in New York and had even asked to be put up at separate hotels. And now there’s more news of the actor’s antics from the Big Apple. According to sources the actor recently threw his attitude around in a New York Bar and was even asked to leave the premises.
In fact even the New York Post reported the incident where Saif went to Madame X Bar and after a few rounds of tequila started throwing his weight around. He was then asked to leave the premises of the bar to avoid any further ruckus. However actor Saif Ali Khan dismisses rumours of behaving in a high handed manner or being thrown out of any bar in New York. Saif Ali Khan claimed that after pack-up the cast and crew went out to a bar. However as the bar owner was Indian he immediately recognized Saif and also insisted on buying the actor a round of drinks. Saif even posed for pictures with the bar owner and his friends. Saif Ali says “These are baseless rumours which have repercussions. It was all very nice at the bar and I don’t want to be written about as this brat which I am not. I have never behaved badly or been asked to leave any place anywhere. I am too classy for all that.”

Saif is also aware that a New York paper has reported this incident and he says “I’m considering taking legal action against the paper. The article is slanderous and completely baseless.” Even USA producer of the film Prashant claims that all the rumours of Saif being asked to leave the bar are completely untrue and in fact the bar owner was extremely nice and welcoming towards Saif and the entire unit of the film. Producer Prashant claimed that someone was trying to spread these terrible rumours about Saif and malign the film. He said that in fact Saif was extremely generous and when the bar owner refused to take money he tipped the waiter handsomely.

However Saif also tries to make light of the situation and brushes the whole topic aside. Saif has been shooting in New York since a few months now and though he is enjoying his work, he also misses his near and dear ones. Saif will be back in Mumbai in the first week of October.