Saif apologizes, denies paying bribe

The Sunday afternoon turned out to be a troublesome day for Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan. He landed into massive trouble when he directed his security guards to attack physically on the two photojournalists who were clicking his photographs while he was shooting for his untitled film at the Patiala Railway Station. The situation worsened when the protesters landed on the Mall road of Mumbai and demanded arrest of the actor. Following the incident, Saif and the two photojournalists lodged their individual complaint at the Railway police station. It was reported that Patiala DC Vikas Garg and SSP SK Asthana suggested the two parties not to drag the issue farther and make an out of the court settlement.

The two parties agreed to compromise and on the wake of the call, Saif apologied as a producer and as an individual and denied beating up on his order. Later he paid them a good amount as a bribe. When asked about the settlement, both the officers said, "We are just trying to solve the matter outside the police station." Meanwhile, Saif addressed the media at the railway guesthouse after a protest by the local media. "There is no question of any bribe being paid, but I feel sorry for the incident."

Whatsoever with bribe or without bribe, Saif escaped unaffected.