Saif and Kareena going for a court marriage?

It seems that the marriage of Saif and Kareena is getting the biggest media attention. We wonder whether it is due to a hyper active media or the contradicting news coming from the sources around the love birds. The grapevine is abuzz with rumors about the coveted event every other day.

First, the date of the marriage got tossed around a few time and was delayed. Even Kareena was asked about this by the reporters. She retorted saying, “It's a Rajya Sabha debate. Everything I do, becomes a national issue, I could well be married you know.”

Then there was indecision about the wedding venue. No one was sure where she was going to tie the knot. It was heard that the couple was planning to tie the knot in an exotic location, out of India. Some European spot was decided for the occasion. Others firmly believed that the marriage is planned to take place at the ancestral palace of the Chote Nawab in Pataudi.

Then speculations started doing rounds about what is going to be the wedding dresses for the celebrity couple and who will be invited to the grand occasion.

The latest buzz about the Saifeena wedding is whether they are going for a court marriage or not? If the grapevines are to be believed, Saif was seen visiting a marriage registrar’s office in the Bandra area on 12th September. It seems that chote Nawab has applied for getting married and submitted all the required documents. As the Indian law states, the couple can get married on any day after 30 days from the date of application is over. Therefore they can have a court marriage, any day they choose after October 11th.

If the news is true, it certainly proves that the couple is thinking about a court marriage and it will take place in Mumbai. Most probably in that case the marriage registry will take place at Saif’s Bandra home.

Also as Sharmila Tagore has stated earlier that Saif and Kareena will get married on October 16th, we guess that the court marriage will also take place on that date.

Incidentally, Kareena is keen to keep her Kapoor title and doesn’t wish to change her religion for the marriage. Saif Ali Khan is also supportive of her views and believes in her freedom of choice. Therefore, a traditional Nikaah will not be possible for the couple.