Saif and Kareena go bold in public, close dance atop a couch

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali KhanSaif and Kareena have already made their relationship public, and have been spotted together on many occasions. But now it seems like Saif and Kareena are getting more bold in public. Recently the couple were with their friends at a party at a five star hotel. On an impulse both Saif and Kareena jumped up onto a couch and began doing a sensuous close dance. At first all the guests were surprised but then gradually began to applaud the couple.  

Saif and Kareena were out painting the town red with good friends Amrita Arora and her boyfriend Usman Afzal. They decided to chill at a lounge bar of a suburban five star hotel. After a few drinks, both Kareena and Saif forgot their inhibitions and jumped up onto a couch and began doing a passionate close dance. A source adds "There was good music going and both were in high spirits. They were completely oblivious of the prying eyes on them. People were aghast when they jumped up on the couch and began gyrating wildly." However later the crowd too joined in dancing and celebrating with the couple. Another source adds "Saif and Kareena are madly in love with each other. They have surprised one and all by making their relationship not only stronger but more open." 

In fact everyone has seen and heard of Saif's love for Kareena. Sometime back he tattooed Kareena's name on his hand, then to prove his love for her, he even slashed his palm. Meanwhile although Kareena does not talk much about her relationship, she too is very serious about Saif and calls him 'Saifu' fondly. There have also been strong rumours of Saif and Kareena having tied the knot secretly. But the couple put those rumours to rest by denying a secret marriage. However Saif did admit that the relationship will culminate in marriage sometime in the distant future.