Saif Ali Khan worried sick over dad Pataudi

<a href='//' title='Saif Ali Khan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='saif-ali-khan' id='article_tag_data_saif-ali-khan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Saif Ali Khan</strong></a>Even as he celebrates the success of Parineeta, Saif Ali Khan is facing a family crisis — his father, India’s former cricket captain Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pautadi, is in serious trouble with the law regarding a deer-poaching incident in Haryana.
Belongs to the old school
“As his son, I’m really concerned,” says Saif. “If my father has done wrong, then I guess he must be punished. But it must be remembered that he’s 64 years old, and not in the pink of health.
And he was once a terrific national hero on the cricket field. I don’t think he meant to break the law. Perhaps he belongs to a school of thinking — albeit politically incorrect — where hunting isn’t viewed as a serious crime.”

Wouldn’t survive prison

“If my father has broken the law, he’s culpable. But he’s also a frail man, who wouldn’t survive prison. Amma (mom Sharmila Tagore) is worried sick.” Speaking of his mother, the actor cheers up a little. “Parineeta is for my mom — I finally got to tap the Bengali side of me.”

At peace with Rosa

“I don’t know why these hard knocks are served up to me . Maybe I deserve to be treated the way I am. But all this stress is taking its toll on me,” says the actor. “And now my success is being held against me.

They say I’ve left my wife and children because the success of Hum Tum got to my head. Not true! My leaving Amrita was nothing overnight. It was on the cards for a long time, another woman had nothing to do with it. When it happened, it was like a very painful amputation.

But it was also the best thing to do, given the circumstances. I’m very much at peace with Rosa. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I feel whole and healthy.”

Will they marry?

Saif rules out remarriage. “I’ve gone through it once…” he trails off. Some say he would do it again. “You mean leave Rosa for another woman? How do I explain myself to people who think that way? Why do I owe an explanation to anyone, except my family, my parents, my wife and my two kids?”

I live for my kids

“My son is my chamcha. He does his hair like me, tries to walk and talk like me.

While Sarah understands the situation, Ebrahim thinks I’m just out for a long shooting schedule. He once very loudly asked me in front of a hundred people when I was coming back. I felt like sinking into the ground,” groans the actor.

“Gawd, I miss my children so much! Anyone who thinks I’ve abandoned them doesn’t know what it’s to be like an absentee parent. I miss my kids all the time. Every penny I earn is for my children. I live for them and I’d die for them.”

Courtesy: Mid-Day