Saif Ali Khan to feature in an ad film with girlfriend Rosa

Rosa, Italian model, better known as Saif’s girlfriend, has shown a keen interest in acting. Rosa will soon be seen in an ad-campaign for Royal Stag O n M. Her real life beau, Saif Ali Khan will be seen alongside her in the ad. This will be Rosa’s first ad campaign and this is the first time that the couple will be seen together on-screen for an ad.
Saif Ali Khan has been busy with hectic shooting schedules for his ad campaigns and films. He was also busy with the performance for the recently held Commonwealth Games 2006, in spite of this he made time for shooting the ad with his ladylove. Saif and Rosa took off for Malaysia for the shooting of the ad.

Rosa is already a big part of Saif’s life; she is seen alongside him during award shows, parties and also along with his kids. They currently live in a rented flat and are hoping to move to an apartment of their own soon. Saif has also announced to the entire world that he has definite plans to marry Rosa. This beautiful model, herself moved from another country to be with the man of her dreams.

Saif in an interview claims, “Rosa has made several sacrifices for me and for that, I am extremely grateful to her.” Rosa does not come from a filmy background, but seems to have adjusted gracefully and quite nicely into bollywood society. She has become acquainted with many of Saif’s co-stars and many people in the industry. Will this be Rosa’s foray into the glamorous filmy world? Will this beautiful Italian girl, who is known more for being Saif‘s arm candy, be able to make a name for herself in the Hindi film industry. Well, only time will tell what’s in store for this lovely lasso. Until then Saif’s already lending Rosa a helping hand in getting her career started. Now this is what we call ‘anything for love.’ Right, Saif?