Saif Ali Khan thrice jinxed with lady directors

<a href='//' title='Saif Ali Khan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='saif-ali-khan' id='article_tag_data_saif-ali-khan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Saif Ali Khan</strong></a>It seems Saif Ali Khan’s stars don’t tally with women directors’. Initially, Aparna Sen’s first Hindi film, Gulel, sank after Saif kept her on hold for months, before finally refusing.
Then, Zoya Akhtar had to scrap Luck by Chance, when Saif couldn’t make up his mind. Now, a third female director, Sai Paranjpye, might be disappointed — the actor says he has no knowledge of Paranjpye’s project.
Don’t know her

Shooting the last lap of Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Eklavya, in Jaipur, Saif says, “I’ve never met Sai Paranjpye. I’ve no idea where this comes from! I don’t know the lady at all. I wish her all the best, but I am not doing her film, because I don’t know her.”

Saif says the only film he has said yes to is Salaam Namaste director Siddharth Raj Anand’s next.

“I’m so pleased with the way Salaam Namaste shaped up. It feels good. I’ve heard Siddharth’s next script; it’s a metro-centric film to be shot entirely abroad, and yes, I’m doing it. Beyond that, I’m not looking at any other film right now, not Sai Paranjpye’s for sure.”

Bachchan fan club

Saif is exhausted but triumphant after the Jaipur experience. “We shot like maniacs. But the end-result is astonishing. Hats off to Mr Bachchan; he would be ready with make-up and glycerine at five in the morning, while I’d still be rubbing my eyes.”

Courtesy: Mid-Day