Saif Ali Khan tatoos Kareena's full name on his arm

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena have barely been seeing each other for a few months now and already Saif is ready to take a serious step. Well no, it's not proposing marriage to Kareena yet, but he decided to get a tattoo of Kareena's name. However earlier Saif planned to only get Kareena's first initial 'K' on his arm, but since Kareena turned up at the place where he was getting the tattoo done and insisted that he get her full name, Saif finally relented and got a tattoo of 'Kareena's name in Devnagiri script.
Saif had been contemplating getting the 'K' initial tattoo which is the first letter of Kareena's name for quite some time now and naturally he had shared this idea with girlfriend Kareena. Saif finally went to a well known place, but while he was getting the tattoo done, Kareena landed up at the place and demanded that Saif get her full name tattooed on his arm. A source claims "Initially Saif was shocked at Kareena's demand as he was not even expecting her to be there. Kareena was adamant that Saif get her full name done, Saif tried telling her that it would be better if he tattooed a 'K' but Kareena was clear that he do it her way. She pataoed him very lovingly." Saif had been looking at various different calligraphic styles to get a 'K' done on his arm. Initially he was a bit uncomfortable about tattooing Kareena's full name on his arm, but he is fine with it now.

Kareena is supposedly quite dominating in the 'Saif-Kareena' relationship and she knows how to convince Saif to get her own way. Saif seems flattered with his new ladylove and he naturally is keen to please her. Recently Saif and Kareena went to Greece a few days prior to their Tashan shoot, as they wanted to spend some quality time together.