Saif Ali Khan in severe tiff with Shahid Kapoor

Professionally and personally, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor are rivals. If Saif grabbed Kareena Kapoor from Shahid then Shahid snatched away some challenging roles from Saif. The duo recently had fight over toothpaste. Buzz has it that Shahid Kapoor replaces Saif Ali Khan as the brand ambassador of the product.  

In the past too, Shahid won over Saif in playing the lead roles for ‘Kaminey’ and ‘Dream Sequence’. Saif was eager to play those characters but Shahid had the opportunity to enact those lead roles.

Moreover, Kareena Kapoor’s recent interaction with Shahid also did not go well with the Chotte Nawab. This is another reason of dispute between Saif and Shahid.