Saif Ali Khan hikes his price to 5 crore

Saif Ali Khan is grabbing headlines these days with his recent scuffle with NRI businessman, his upcoming release ‘Agent Vinod’ and his wedding to Kareena Kapoor. Advertisers are cashing on with the brand symbol of Saif. The Nawab usually demands 2.5 crore for a single deal but now with increasing media hype, Saif has hiked his price.

A source informs us, “Saif usually gets around Rs2.5 crore for any endorsements. But apparently he has suddenly demanded a higher amount for new endorsements being offered to him. It looks like the whole brawl incident has instead helped the nawab, as brands scurry in to cash in on his present limelight.”

Saif has almost doubled his price and now charging around 5 crores. Surprisingly, advertisers are more than happy to meet the whopping demand of the actor.

Advertisers knew that he is making news right now and cashing the value for his increasing demand and moreover, his new film ‘Agent Vinod’ is about to release. “Everyone wants to cash in on his new brand value, the value of which is pretty high right now. And everyone wants to benefit from their new ‘cash cow’ right now,” the source adds.