Saif Ali Khan and grilfriend Rosa spilt

Saif Ali Khan seems to be going through a bad phase.Recently the actor suffered acute chest pains and was rushed to hospital.Saif was diagnosed with cloths in his heart but fortunately after treatment was safely discharged from hospital.However Saif has been strictly warned by doctors to quit smoking as well as compulsory rest for a month.Hence the actor is currently on an enforced break from his films.But now it seems that Saif will also be suffering from heartbreak after he and girlfriend Rosa recently decided to go their own separate ways.saif Ali Khan confirms his split from Italian girlfriend Rosa.
Saif confirms their split saying "Yes, Rosa and I have decided to part ways and she has gone back home." However he refuses to elaborate any further on the reasons for their split.Recently there were several rumours regarding the couple's innumerable differences but the couple continued to deny their disagreements.The couple perhaps were trying to work it out but after the recent strains on Saif and his health the two decided to part ways.Rosa has gone back home to Luzern in Switzerland to probably nurse her broken heart and spend this trying time with her family and close friends.However according to a few sources Rosa is likely to return to India after a while to start her career in the glamour world.It had earlier been confirmed that Rosa was all set to host a style based show for a prominent Indian designer.Sources also claim that Saif is heartbroken by the split and Saif too says "I can't pretend that Rosa's going hasn't added to recent setbacks,but it's for the best I guess."

Earlier there were rumours that the reason for the discord between Saif and Rosa was that Saif didnt want Rosa to pursue a career in the glam world.Rosa too had once commented that she was not only here to be known as a star's girlfriend giving rise to further speculation that Saif was not happy with Rosa entering the glam world.It is also known that Saif's former wife Amrita Singh had quit films after their marriage but resumed after she and Saif separated. Saif and Rosa have been seeing each other for the last two years and were also spotted spending time with Saif 's two kids often.Saif is currently spending all his free time with his two children and hopes to spend as much time with his children as possible while on this break.However he is also equally anxious to get back to the shooting of his films.However we hope that Saif takes his recent setbacks in his stride and will soon return to doing some good films.