Rukmini is simple, beautiful, loving: Neil Nitin Mukesh

On the auspicious ocassion of Dusshera, Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh got engaged to Mumbai based Rukmini Sahay. The engagemnet pictures of Rukmini and Neil are doing the rounds and the couple looked very happy together. Neil is clean bowled by Rukmini’s beauty and nature and he feels she is perfect for him.

The couple got engaged at a Juhu hotel in Mumbai on Tuesday. Talking about his fiancee, Neil said, "I think she (Rukmini) is just perfect. She is the perfect balance that any man would want in his woman. She is simple, beautiful, loving and all the awesome adjectives I can think of. She fits them all."

The ‘Johnny Gaddaar’ actor says he is 'completely in love' with his 27-year-old fiancee.

'Our chemistry is outstanding. She understands that I am a little bit of a prankster. I have a habit of joking around and sometimes people don't understand my jokes. They might get offended sometimes, but she instantly understood the kind of person I am and laughed at every point.'

"She completely understands me in that sense. I love her for that," he said.

The Mukesh family is very happy about the match. Rukmini has won their hearts 'with her simplicity and upbringing'.

it was an arranged marriage and Neil’s parents selected the girl for their son. Before getting engaged, they dated for nearly one month.

The wedding will take place early next year.

Was Neil planning to move out to his new pad after wedding?

He said "I am not moving out. I have got a new house. It just coincidentally happened to be that -- Dussehra, housewarming and this (engagement). I am definitely not moving out. My father and mother won't allow me too... and I don't want that to happen."