Rozza admits meeting Shahid Kapur at coffee shop

Recently Kareena's ex- boyfriend Shahid and Saif's ex-girlfriend Rozza were seen meeting up and chatting together at the coffee shop of a five star hotel. Shahid and Rozza were first spotted together when their ex's Saif and Kareena had got together. In fact it was Rozza who had informed Shahid of Kareena and Saif's growing proximity to each other. Rozza and Shahid were extremely comfortable with each other when they met and chatted incessantly.
When Rozza walked into the café, she immediately looked for Shahid and on spotting him joined him quickly. The duo were dressed casually in black tees and seemed engrossed in their conversation. They chatted for around an hour. According to sources ever since Rozza warned Shahid of Kareena and Saif's closeness, the two developed a mutual friendship and have been in touch with each other. So what was the centre of conversation this time round? No doubt Saif and Kareena must have come up in the conversation. Rozza meanwhile did not bother to deny meeting Shahid and said "I met Shahid and we chatted."

So were there any sparks between Shahid and Rozza, sources claim that though the two seemed comfortable around each other, their body language did not suggest any strong chemistry or attraction. It has also been reported that after Rozza and Saif parted ways, she still keeps tabs on him and is quite interested in knowing what is going on in his life. Rozza has been trying to break into the glamour world for some time now. She is often seen on the party circuit and has already had her share of link-ups like Vivek Oberoi etc. Meanwhile in an interview Shahid too has claimed that he and ex-lover Bebo are still in touch. So was Rozza digging for information about Saif's plans? Shahid however has also mentioned that he would like to only remember the good times that he and Kareena shared and move on.